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FAQ - Meeting Services

If you can't find the information you're looking for, please contact the Reception desk at x3000 or Debbie Dillon (, x3105.


ACP Board

The ACP Board is comprised of two representatives from AAPT, AIP and APS. 

The ACP Board meets every four to six weeks to discuss all issues related to the building. If you would like read-only rights to the ACP Board calendar please contact

Members of the ACP Board include:


Beth Cunningham, Executive Officer (President of ACP)

Mike Brosnan, Chief Financial Officer



Gigi Swartz, Interim Co-CEO, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer (Treasurer of ACP)

Catherine O'Riordan, Interim Co-CEO and Chief Operating Officer



James Taylor, Deputy Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer (Secretary of ACP)

Jane Hopkins Gould, Chief Financial Officer



Audiovisual equipment for meetings

To request technology equipment for a meeting, contact the ACP HelpDesk at or x3120. 
You can also complete the Equipment Requests section of the Conference Room Services Form on the Files and Forms page.

Help Desk staff can assist in setting up presentations and will remain in the meeting room to assist if needed.

Conference phones
All conference rooms have Polycom and Alcatel phones.  Use the Polycom phones for conference calls.  Instructions for making a conference call can be found in the conference rooms. A list of phone extensions for the conference room phones is also in each of the conference rooms. See the Files and Forms page for Conference Call Instructions and a list of Conference Room Phones with extensions.

Videoconference equipment
If you need videoconferencing equipment, contact the ACP Help Desk at or x3120.

Conference Room A is the only conference room with microphones.  Hand-held and lapel microphones are available.

Sound system
Conference Room A is the only conference room with a sound system.

LCD projectors
Conference Rooms A, B, C and the 2nd floor and 4th floor conference rooms have ceiling-mounted projectors. 

Projector screens
Conference rooms A, B, C and conference rooms on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors have screens. 
Conference Room A can be divided into two rooms. There are three projector screens to accommodate all room configurations.

Power strips
The Technology Center will provide power strips for use by meeting attendees.  They can be requested at or x3120.


Availability of conference rooms for outside groups

ACP conference rooms can be used by employees so long as the event is related to employee involvement in a professional activity that is job related. Completed forms and waiver should be submitted to Debbie Dillon  After receipt of the forms, the request will be considered by the ACP Board, and the employee will be informed of the Board’s decision. There is no charge for employee use of the conference rooms.

ACP also rents conference rooms to outside groups that are physics or physics community related. The procedure for outside groups is the same as for employees.

Please read the guidelines, complete the request form, and sign the waiver. 


Beverage services for meetings

You can request a Keurig coffee service or brewed coffee.  The coffee service will be available 30 minutes prior to the start of your meeting.  Let us know if you would like the coffee service set at a specific time.  We will refresh the coffee service throughout the day.  Unless requested, coffee services are removed 30 minutes prior to the scheduled end time of a meeting.

Office Services provides candy for all meetings.  We also provide water in pitchers or three gallon beverage dispensers.  Bottled water can be provided at cost.

We also provide at cost sodas or juice for meetings.

During breaks and lunch, Office Services staff will refresh the water and candy and remove any used cups, plates, etc. from the tables.  Trash cans are emptied if needed.



Society meeting planners handle the catering needs for meetings and other functions for their respective societies. 


Coat & luggage check

Luggage can be stored in the coat room during meetings.  It is located outside Conference Room C.  The coat room is locked once all meeting attendees have arrived.  If an attendee needs to get into the coat room he/she should go to the Reception Desk and a member of the Office Services staff will unlock the room.


Copying services

Office Services will assist with copying for mailings or projects.  Please contact Debbie Dillon at / x3105 for assistance with copying.  If staff is available we will complete the required copying and deliver it to you. 


Meeting room reservations

Reservations for Conference Rooms A, B, C, the Rotunda and the Lunchroom are made through Office Services.

Reservations for Conference Rooms on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors are made through the respective Society.

Contact and let us know the date, time and name of the meeting. We will check the calendar and if space is available the conference room(s) will be reserved for you. If space is not available, we’ll let you know and will check alternate dates.  You will be sent a confirmation e-mail.  Reservations can be made through the Reception Desk x3002 or Debbie Dillon x3105. 

After you receive confirmation of your meeting room reservation(s), please complete the Conference Room Services Form and email it to  Two weeks prior to your meeting, Office Services will contact you to go over details for the meeting.  We will contact you a week in advance to discuss final details.

Office Services staff is responsible for setting up of conference rooms.  If you require a special set for your meeting or function, let us know and we will work with you on options.


Meeting spaces

There are three ACP meeting rooms located on the lobby level.

Conference Room A is located on the left side of the rotunda (from the main entrance) and is approximately 2319 square feet.  Conference Room A can be divided into two sections and can be set in a variety of ways (theatre, classroom, conference, birthday bash and u-shape).

Conference Rooms B and C are located on the right side of the rotunda (from the main entrance) and are identical is size (1639 square feet).  They have permanent conference tables and cannot be reset in different styles.  Conference Rooms B and C comfortably hold 21 people around the table (22 if the screen is not being used) and there is room for a limited amount of perimeter seating.  Conference Room C has windows.

In addition, each of the floors has a small conference room.  The conference rooms on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors are approximately 336 square feet.  They have permanent conference room tables and will hold 11 people comfortably (12 if the screen is not being used).  The conference room in AAPT is approximately 276 square feet and will hold 14 people comfortably (13 if the screen is not being used).  There are two conference rooms in the APS space on the 5th Floor (approximately 608 and 308 square feet respectively) and will hold 21 (22 if the screen is not being used) and 10 people comfortably. 

The lunch room is approximately 2383 square feet and can be used for luncheons and/or dinners during meetings.  If a buffet is set in the lunch room, the capacity is 80.  If the food is set in the hallway, it can accommodate 90.


Transportation and taxi services

The ACP van is available for transporting meeting attendees as needed.   Arrangements for van service should be made through your Society meeting planner.  A member of the Office Services staff will pick up attendees at local hotels (Hilton Garden Inn, Greenbelt Marriott, Holiday Inn College Park and Greenbelt Holiday Inn) and bring them to ACP.  We will also take attendees back to the hotel, the College Park Metro Station or the AMTRAK Station in New Carrollton. 

Taxi Service
If you need a taxi contact the Reception Desk x3002 and we will make arrangements for you. 

We will also coordinate taxis for meeting attendees.  Please use the taxi sign-up sheet.

We use the following taxi companies:

  • Airport Taxi Service (240-463-4951)
  • Taxi-Taxi (301-577-2000)

Fares to the following locations are approximate:

BWI Airport -- $65
Dulles Airport -- $85
Reagan Airport -- $45
New Carrollton AMTRAK/Metro Station -- $20
Greenbelt Metro Station -- $13.00