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FAQ - Security Measures & Emergency Preparedness

If you can't find the information you're looking for, please contact the Reception desk at x3000 or Debbie Dillon (, x3105.


Building access cards & ID badges

Access cards
All employees are issued access cards on their first day of employment.  All of the doors to the building are locked. Most doors (except the Technology Center, east and west stairwell doors, and the hallway doors nearest the reception area) have access panels.  To enter the building, swipe your card over the access panel.  You will hear a beep, and the door will unlock.  Standard access for the doors is Monday-Friday, 6:30am-7:00pm.  For safety and security reasons, please do not hold the door open for someone you do not recognize. 

If you lose your access card, please contact Debbie Dillon x3015 or as soon as possible so we can deactivate your card.  A new access card and ID will be made for you.

ID badges
All ACP employees are required to wear ID badges while on ACP property.  Employees are issued badges on the first day of employment.  A member of the Office Services staff will take your picture and adhere it to your access card.  You will be given a badge holder, clip and lanyard for your ID.  If you need a replacement badge holder, clip or lanyard, stop by the Reception Desk or contact Debbie Dillon x3015.

If you forget your ID badge you will need to sign in at the reception desk.  A temporary ID will be given to you.

If you would like us to take a new picture for your ID, stop by the reception desk.  If you prefer to use another picture for your ID please provide it to us via e-mail and we will print one for your badge.


Emergency evacuation and shelter in place

In the event of a fire the alarm will sound.  You should vacate the building immediately.  There are designated areas for employees to meet in the parking lot.  Signs on various light poles in the parking lot indicate the meeting point for each society.  The Emergency Meeting Area map has instructions on how to vacate the building.  Please familiarize yourself with the map and the nearest exit for your location in the building.

Should there be an emergency where we will need to shelter in place (tornado, intruder, etc.) you will be contacted through Everbridge, ACP’s emergency notification system.  There are areas on each floor designated as “safe” areas.  In various areas of the hallways and on the back of conference room doors you will find a map that indicates the safe areas.  If you are on the lobby level you can go to the basement.  Please stay in the safe area until you are informed it is safe to leave.


Fire wardens

There are fire wardens on each of the floors.  If you have questions regarding vacating the building during an emergency, check with one of the fire wardens on your floor.

In addition, several employees from each society are trained in CPR, First Aid and operation of the Automatic External Defibrillators (AED).  An AED is located on each floor in a cabinet near the center stairwell.  In addition, a First Aid kit is kept at the Reception Desk.

The Medical Emergency Procedures document contains a list of fire wardens and employees trained in CPR, First Aid and AEDs. 


In the event of bad weather or an emergency

In the event of inclement weather or an emergency, there are several ways to check the status of the building:

  • After 6:00am, a recorded announcement will be placed on the Building Announcements Line at 301-209-3366
  • Information also will be at
  • Information will be sent via building wide e-mail to all employees

In the event of an emergency during business hours, you will be contacted by the Everbridge system via your office/workspace phone, via e-mail/text or your cell phone.  Employees can choose their preference for being contacted.  The system will continue to call until you respond and acknowledge the call.


Security guards

Security guards are on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  During business hours, the security guard patrols the property.  After hours, the security guard can be reached at the reception desk at 301-209-3384 or by cell at 202-409-0226.  Please report any suspicious person(s) or activity to the security guard and he/she will investigate.  You can also contact the Reception Desk x3000 and they will get in touch with the building engineers and/or the security guard.


Security procedures

For the safety of all employees, ACP developed a document detailing security procedures for staff, deliveries and visitors. Please read the document so that you are aware of security procedures.  If you have questions, contact Debbie Dillon at  x3105.