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Emergency evacuation and shelter in place

In the event of a fire the alarm will sound.  You should vacate the building immediately.  There are designated areas for employees to meet in the parking lot.  Signs on various light poles in the parking lot indicate the meeting point for each society.  The Emergency Meeting Area map has instructions on how to vacate the building.  Please familiarize yourself with the map and the nearest exit for your location in the building.

Should there be an emergency where we will need to shelter in place (tornado, intruder, etc.) you will be contacted through Everbridge, ACP’s emergency notification system.  There are areas on each floor designated as “safe” areas.  In various areas of the hallways and on the back of conference room doors you will find a map that indicates the safe areas.  If you are on the lobby level you can go to the basement.  Please stay in the safe area until you are informed it is safe to leave.