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Parking permits

How do I get a parking permit?
Read the rules and regulations and complete the Vehicle Registration Form. Take it to the Reception Desk, and a parking permit will be given to you.  Please adhere the sticker to the bumper of your vehicle.  If you prefer, it can be affixed to your back windshield.  Just make sure it’s visible.  Please note that ACP does not assume liability for vehicles parked in the lot.

If I will temporarily be driving a vehicle other than one registered do I need to get a parking permit?
No.  If you are driving a different vehicle on a temporary basis you will not need a sticker. We will issue you a temporary parking permit.  You can get a temporary parking permit at the Reception Desk.

If I get a new vehicle, can I use the same parking sticker?
Yes.  You can use the same parking sticker.  However, you will need to complete a registration form for the new vehicle.

Can I leave my vehicle in the parking lot overnight or for a few days?
Yes.  From time to time you may need to leave your vehicle in the parking lot overnight.  If this occurs, please contact Debbie Dillon  x3105 and inform her of your vehicle information (make, model and license plate number) and the date(s) you will be leaving your vehicle.  We will alert the security guard.  As noted above, ACP does not assume liability for vehicles parked or left in the lot overnight.