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Lunch Room

The lunch room is located on the lobby level on the west side of the building about half way down the hallway on the left.  In the cafeteria area you will find plates, cutlery, salt/pepper, tea bags, hot chocolate and cups.  There is an ice machine, several microwaves and a toaster oven.  Please cover your food when using the microwaves and clean any spills.

When the weather is nice many employees eat lunch at the tables on the patio or in the courtyard.  The patio tables can be accessed through the lunch room doors.  The courtyard tables can be accessed through the hallway doors near the lunch room.  If you go outside please make sure you bring your access card with you.  You will need it to enter the building.

There may be times when the lunch room will be used for a meeting and will not be available.  On these occasions you will receive a building wide e-mail indicating the date and time the lunch room will not be available.