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Mail Center hours

The Mail Center is open from 8:30am-5:00pm.  It is located on the lobby level, west side of the building at the end of the hallway.  Mail Center staff is responsible for receipt and distribution of all deliveries.  There are four mail runs each day; the first is after UPS is delivered (10:00-10:30), the second after the mail is received from the Post Office (late morning) and at 2:30pm and 3:30pm.  Outgoing mail is picked up during each of the mail runs.  Fedex and UPS Overnight packages are delivered immediately upon receipt.  All deliveries require a signature of receipt.  If you are not at your desk, we will ask someone in your area to sign for the package.

The last pick up for UPS is the 2:30pm mail run and the last pick up for outgoing mail for the Post Office is 3:30pm.  We will pick up outgoing Fedex packages during mail runs or you can bring them to the Reception Desk.  Fedex picks up at 5:00pm Monday-Friday at the Reception Desk.

If you have a question regarding deliveries or outgoing mail/packages please contact the Mail Center: