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Phone system

How to get an outside line
In order to place an outside call you must first dial 8 before dialing the 10 digit phone number.

How to make an internal call
To place calls within the building dial the four digit extension of the person you’d like to reach. 
Four digit calling also can be used to reach the APS Ridge office and the AIP Publishing Melville office.

Are there land lines in the building?
Yes.  There are several analogue phone lines and phones on each floor of the building.   These are for use in an emergency if the office digital phone lines fail.

Conference phones
All conference rooms have Polycom and Alcatel phones.  Use the Polycom phones for conference calls.  Instructions for making a conference call can be found in the conference rooms. A list of phone extensions for the conference room phones is also in each of the conference rooms.

See the Files and Forms page for Conference Call Instructions and a list of Conference Room Phones with extensions.